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Why NOT to visit the Gili islands, especially now?!

I understand the fear the media can awaken in you. Personally, since the beginning of Mt Agung's eruption, I flew in and out 3 times. The first time, I think I stopped breathing during the entire flight. I'm more the adventurous type. I really felt like I was crazy to have boarded that flight. The last flight I boarded, was actually the same day as the eruption. I had planned a cruise to Raja Ampat, on a new liveaboard. My flight with Garuda Indonesia was cancelled, for cause of vulcano eruption, fair enough. Yes, they are safe and prepared for vulcano eruptions. As Indonesia counts 76 vulcanoes. Yes the vulcano might erupt. Yes the airport might be closed. Yes there might be ashes. I'm in Bali now. I'll communicate on what is happening at this very moment. BUT I can assure you, we know exactly what to do and we've got you.  What happened to me when the vulcano erupted and my flight was cancelled? I checked into South-Lombok's Novotel for a night, fabulous place by the way. Garuda refunded my ticket, and I flew out the next day with Lion Air. I hopped on the liveaboard and had thje best holidays […]

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We are proud to be a member of Secret Retreats

The idea Bruno Ferret and Stéphane Junca are the founders of Secret Retreats' community. They had the brilliant idea, to create a community of independantly owned luxury boutique hotels, lodges, cruises and restaurants in Asia. Properties with a soul, that offer much more then just a common luxury holiday getaway. Secret Retreats create experiences. They make these moments count. Just like Slow.  Photocredit: @SergeAnton The criterias The properties need to be truely Asian in essence Have tasteful architecture, design and furnishings Be located in exceptional environments Be discreet and intimate with no more then 50 bedrooms Have service worthy of a luxury hotel Offer guests authentic interactions with local people, culture and traditions in the area Have a commitment to sustainable practices Pay attention to detail and give them a warm welcome The members At most of the properties, you'll meet one of the owners, service is personalised and real.  Photocredit: Eglantine Becquet The founders Bruno and Stéphane have been in Asia's travel business since forever. While managing, developing and marketing tour operations and luxury hotels in Asia, they noticed that the market is dominated by large luxury hotel chains, with no authenticity or individuality, the latter is exactly what the modern traveller today is looking for.  […]

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Floating Champagne for The Holidays

At Slow Villas in Gili Air, We like to create unforgettable moments. Its time to get into the holiday spirit! Our local craftsmen have been creative this year and have put together a fancy floating champagne tray per villas to make these moments count. How do you feel about sharing a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne in your own private pool villa for Christmas with your loved ones? Plus Gili is the ideal location to celebrate New Years! Fire works and beach parties, dance with your feet in the sand, under the stars, welcoming the new year!   Book now 3 nights min. Before Dec 1st and receive a free bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne, served on our villas' floating trays, traveling between 15 Dec and 15 Feb.  Book now

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A beautifully chic boutique….

Spending a couple of days, weeks…or even your life on Gili Air means a lot of different beautiful things to each individual. One of the most precious feelings that you get here is the deep connection to her grounds, nature, rhythm, beaches, local people and culture…And one of the most important things you can do on Gili is give back everything the island gives to you. If you wonder how, it’s quite simple: respect her and take care of her… just as she takes care of you. At Slow Villas and Spa, we constantly aspire to follow these values, in every action we take, every service we offer and every magical holiday experience that we help create. That’s why we are so proud and excited to announce the recent opening of our own little shopping corner: Slow Shop. If you visit us you will discover our ecofriendly, locally produced, artistically inspired, lovely selection of unique gifts and memorabilia; clothes, accessories, artworks, sasak weaving, kitchenware, jewellery and swimwear. Each piece represents our ethos and spirit, each piece is created by people and brands that we connect with personally. Some items are truly indigenous crafts from Lombok and Bali, made by local people using […]

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Blooming Island Festival at Lucky’s Bar Gili Air

Hey guys! We have big news! Jack Sparrow’s spirit will be with us really soon! The most crazy, funny, artistic pirates of our movies’ culture will take our island for 30 hours, after taking power in one of Lombok’s most incredible island: Gili Nanggu. The Pirates Spinning and Circus Retreat is coming to an end in Gili Nanggu, teaching to the best Circus professionals how to improve their skills in what they do the best: Poi, Trapeze, Meteor, Hula-Hoop, acrobalance, juggling, water acrobatics…and so much more. Learning and sharing will have been their daily routine for days…and they are now ready to celebrate…and dance!!! Gili Air will welcome them on April, 15th, for a 30 hours amazing party. The spot is almost ready, waiting for them…and waiting for you, obviously! Are you ready? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ (and we hope and are convinced that it is!), let’s put a big blossoming mark on your agenda for the 15th. Let’s all meet together at Lucky’s Bar, where Gili Family, Space Bar Crew have prepared an amazing party for all of us! Local and international djs will be pumping the main stage from sunset to the next sunset and beyond, delighting […]

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Life is a Circus

A retreat with a difference… The time has come to erase all the things you thought you knew about the ‘Circus’. It’s time to redefine the concept you had about Bali and Gili Air. Now is the time to dream about a place where peace, nature, purity and sharing are the only clues. A place where enjoying yourself as you learn new fitness concepts, and learning to be proud of your own body and it's limitless power, are the only rules. Are you ready for that? Forget about what you thought the ‘Circus’ was. Forget about sad clowns, unhealthy and caged animals…and think about brightness, colour, laughter, acrobats, juggling artists, yogis, and the most lovely and wonderful people you could imagine. Forget about the crowded, sad, modern, over developed and touristy parts of Bali. Forget about noise, motorbikes, gas and pollution. Think about white sand, barefoot walks, sunsets and sunshine on paradise-like beaches while you listen to a music that will connect your soul to your body like it never has before. Have you ever dreamed about becoming an acrobat, or learning to do Hoola Hoop or Juggling? Would you love to know how to give the best massages, how make your Pilates routine more effective, or how to dance like crazy during an ‘Ecstatic dance’ after fuelling your body with the best organic […]

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Bali Spirit Festival

Set Your Spirit Free This is not a blog post. It’s an invitation…. to a magical moment, a unique event and a once of a kind experience.   Indonesia lovers, nomads, travellers, yoga teachers and students, dancers, helpful sisters, curious minds and ecofriendly brothers! It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to meet a beautiful and loving community who will be together for a week in one of the most beautiful place on earth. It’s time for The BaliSpirit Festival   To help you feel the spirit, put your headphones in, turn up the volume and listen to the following video while you read this post….   Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun:   Xavier Rudd is an amazing Australian Roots Musician who has stolen our hearts and energized millions of dancers around the world! We are completely in love with his message: global togetherness, acceptance and respect. His 700k online followers have elevated him to now being of Australia’s greatest artists, activists and spirits.   The festival celebrates its 10th anniversary from 19th march to 26th 2017 in picturesque Ubud. The plan? To dance, practice yoga, feel the music, and enjoy the island of Bali with all the respect […]

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Slow joins the International Yoga Festival 2017

The teachings of Yoga, both the physical practice and spiritual development, are integral to the philosophy at Slow Villas. Yoga teaches us to slow down, to breathe, to pause.  “Yoga is not merely for our bodies, but rather our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Yoga literally means “Union” – union of breath with body, union of the mind with muscles, and most importantly union of the self with the divine” (IYF, 2017) At Slow we encourage guests to try yoga at some of the wonderful studios on the island, or perhaps deepen their practice with a private lesson in our yoga studio area within the beautiful Slow Spa. Our annual yoga retreats aim to provide a truly holistic experience for the body and mind, and a genuine opportunity to slow down and reboot the system…. If you hadn’t already realized… we LOVE yoga at Slow. This time instead of bringing Yoga to Slow, we are bringing Slow to Yoga! Julie will be representing Slow Villas & Spa and Slow Retreats at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh from the 1st to the 7th March 2017. She will also be working organically with the community members of Secret Retreats […]

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Air Festival

Imagine a beautiful, quiet, white sanded and full of harmony small and unique island. Imagine a place where Indonesian people share their routine with travellers, occidental people who came there one day and never left.Imagine paradise, then you will imagine Gili Air. Three years ago, our beloved little gem on earth was celebrating a very special event for the first time: the Gili Air Festival. The program? A few days partying, dancing under the stars, sharing only good vibes with one main purpose: respecting the philosophy and good health of this beautiful island. This year, for the third time, it’s time to celebrate again, to thank Gili Air together for every single thing the island represents. For the third time, we are planning to dance together again, for three consecutive nights. The Gili Air Festival is coming back from March 31th to April 2th included. We are going to dance, to shine and to smile all night long…and we want to make it right. No plastic is welcome, no bad trash…We want to take care of the three natural stages that will be built in order to welcome us with a big variety of music and artists. You shouldn’t miss […]

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Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Union: According to the Greek myth about the origin of love each human was once a ‘rounded whole’ with two faces, two backs, and four arms and legs. They were formidable and bold and they foolishly attacked the Gods. To weaken them Zeus cut them in half saying ‘if this doesn’t keep them quiet I will cut them again, and they can hop around on one leg!’ Love is the yearning of each half to find its original partner and return to a complete state. The perfect lovers are those who were originally joined together. If they find each other they wish to never be separated again and try to merge completely – to become once more a single being. Slow Villas is the perfect union of tranquility and intimacy – a place to focus on the people and experiences that make you complete. Romance is not the giving of expensive gifts; it is the quiet moment when you realise that to be happy you need only the person next to you. Relax with us this Valentines Day for a genuinely dreamy retreat – slow down – feel complete.    Our ‘Celebrate Love at Slow Villas and Spa’ […]

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