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Empowering Communities

with Soraya Foundation

The Soraya Foundation, in collaboration with Slow Private Pool Villas, is passionately committed to nurturing and uplifting the local community on Gili Air. Through our partnership, we’ve initiated meaningful projects and programs focused on bettering the lives of the island’s residents.

Educational Initiatives:

  • Provision of English, music, and circus classes at the local elementary school to broaden students’ horizons.
  • Development of a Montessori-inspired playground fostering creative play and learning.

Earthquake Relief Efforts:

  • Reconstruction of 11 homes in Lombok, offering stability and shelter.
  • Implementation of trauma healing programs to support emotional recovery.

Community Engagement:

  • Hosting of charity events such as the Slow Food & Yoga Festival to raise awareness and funds.

Looking Ahead:

Our roadmap includes:

  • Expanding educational resources and opportunities.
  • Striving for a zero-waste community.
  • Working towards becoming a CO2-neutral location.

Join us in making a difference. Learn more and contribute to sustainable community development with the Soraya Foundation.

Commitment to Sustainability at Slow Private Pool Villas

At Slow Private Pool Villas, Green is the New Black embodies our commitment to championing sustainable tourism. Our vision is a Zero Waste Gili Air, and we proudly take the lead in this eco-conscious movement. With the goal of becoming the first property on the island to achieve 95% waste diversion from landfills, we are on a transformative journey.

Our Sustainable Practices:

  • Eliminating all single-use plastics to safeguard our precious environment.
  • Implementing refill stations for water bottles, and eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner containers.
  • Exclusive use of bamboo straws, eliminating plastic straw pollution.

Be a part of our sustainable story. Choose Slow Private Pool Villas and support the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future for Gili Air.