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Elevate your sense of well-being at Slow Spa, a sanctuary of luxury wellness artfully designed by architect Christian Lechien. As an integral part of Slow Villas, our spa provides a haven where you can recharge and attain true relaxation. Within our tranquil space, discover three elegantly appointed massage rooms, a lavish granite soaking tub for unparalleled relaxation, and a dedicated pilates/yoga studio for rejuvenation of both mind and body.

The architectural marvel of Slow Spa draws inspiration from the gentle contours of the island, evoking the image of a bamboo cathedral with its organic curves and airy central window infusing the space with natural light and a sense of openness. The serene ambiance and quietude are a testament to our commitment to harmony with nature, echoing the core philosophy of Slow.

Our Spa Treatments:

At Slow Spa, our array of treatments—ranging from soothing massages and rejuvenating facials to meticulous hand and foot care, alongside movement-based therapy—are rooted in our holistic approach to wellness. We proudly utilize natural, vibrant products, primarily sourced from the island itself. Our fresh aloe vera, cultivated right here in our permaculture garden, and coconut oil, produced locally by Ibu Marnim, underscore our support for the community and dedication to sustainability.

To explore our complete selection of spa offerings, please view our Slow Spa Menu.

Embrace the Path to Liberation with Slow Yoga

Yoga and pilates at Slow are pathways to liberation—an escape to free your body, clarify your mind, and uplift your soul. The idyllic setting of Slow Villas & Spa naturally fosters this sense of freedom, making it an ideal destination for your yoga and pilates practice.

At Slow Spa & Yoga, we pride ourselves on offering personalized yoga and pilates sessions. We strive to cultivate a nurturing environment tailored to individual needs. We invite you to book a private class in the serenity of our Slow Yoga studio. For your convenience, reservations can be made at reception or arranged in advance via email.