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Discover Serenity

with Slow Retreats

Slow Retreats represents an intimate collection of boutique properties, each meticulously curated to host your transformative retreat experience. Our esteemed community connects you with exclusive retreats led by renowned international yoga instructors, creating an environment optimal for personal growth and wellness.

Join us on a journey to inner peace and physical renewal. Whether your focus is on deepening your yoga practice, enhancing mindfulness, or simply unwinding in a serene setting, our retreats are tailored to meet your aspirations.

Explore our handpicked retreat offerings and find your perfect sanctuary at Our retreats are designed to provide a harmonious balance of relaxation and invigoration, ensuring you return home refreshed and inspired.

For additional details or to plan your bespoke retreat experience, we invite you to complete our retreat inquiry form. Allow Slow Retreats to be the backdrop to your next chapter of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

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