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Life is a Circus

A retreat with a difference...

The time has come to erase all the things you thought you knew about the ‘Circus’. It’s time to redefine the concept you had about Bali and Gili Air. Now is the time to dream about a place where peace, nature, purity and sharing are the only clues. A place where enjoying yourself as you learn new fitness concepts, and learning to be proud of your own body and it’s limitless power, are the only rules.

Are you ready for that?

Forget about what you thought the ‘Circus’ was. Forget about sad clowns, unhealthy and caged animals…and think about brightness, colour, laughter, acrobats, juggling artists, yogis, and the most lovely and wonderful people you could imagine.

Forget about the crowded, sad, modern, over developed and touristy parts of Bali. Forget about noise, motorbikes, gas and pollution. Think about white sand, barefoot walks, sunsets and sunshine on paradise-like beaches while you listen to a music that will connect your soul to your body like it never has before.

Have you ever dreamed about becoming an acrobat, or learning to do Hoola Hoop or Juggling? Would you love to know how to give the best massages, how make your Pilates routine more effective, or how to dance like crazy during an ‘Ecstatic dance’ after fuelling your body with the best organic food you have ever tried? Are you attracted to the idea of meeting people in an environment of learning, dancing and listening that you will never forget? If the answer is ‘Yes’, we have the perfect program for your mind and body….

Our Yoga+Spa Circus Retreat is coming! Just book your agenda from April 17th to 22th and come to Gili Air to enjoy a different kind of retreat! It’s time to release your inner child, to laugh yourself fitter.

Check the schedules and prices HERE …… Life is the most wonderful game ever…Life IS a circus!!!!

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