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Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Union: According to the Greek myth about the origin of love each human was once a ‘rounded whole’ with two faces, two backs, and four arms and legs. They were formidable and bold and they foolishly attacked the Gods. To weaken them Zeus cut them in half saying ‘if this doesn’t keep them quiet I will cut them again, and they can hop around on one leg!’ Love is the yearning of each half to find its original partner and return to a complete state. The perfect lovers are those who were originally joined together. If they find each other they wish to never be separated again and try to merge completely – to become once more a single being. Slow Villas is the perfect union of tranquility and intimacy – a place to focus on the people and experiences that make you complete. Romance is not the giving of expensive gifts; it is the quiet moment when you realise that to be happy you need only the person next to you. Relax with us this Valentines Day for a genuinely dreamy retreat – slow down – feel complete.  Our ‘Celebrate Love at Slow Villas and Spa’ package […]

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Slow in La Libre Belgique

Live Slow in Gili says the headline of the article. We are proud to be spoken off in the Belgian press. Picture by Serge Anton.

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Slow Retreats

Our partner has arrived. I’m facinated by her knowledge and feel blessed to be given the chance to create a Slow Retreat together. #talgo #gentianeinstitute #massageworkshops #dailymassages #treatyour body #trainyourbody #eathealthy #yoga #meditation #detox #islandactivities #pachamamaorganiccafe #mandalablueyoga #giliair #indonesia #askjulie #gilita #gilitravelagency #slowvillas #privatepoolvillas #travelinstyle #secretretreats #luxuryretreats

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Member of Secret Retreats

Slow Villas is proud to announce that we are a member of Secret Retreats, in the Secret Inn cathegory. We are a community built by independent owners and chefs to offer authentic travel experiences to the very heart of Asian culture and traditions. Built by passionate individuals, art and antique aficionados and lovers of authentic food, an engaging asian collection ranges from discreet Boutique Hotels and tranquil luxury resorts in Asia, to intimate asian Inns and camps, beautifully designed full service Villa Rentals to asian exotic Cruises, onboard magnificent sailing boats, and also creative contemporary restaurants highlighting the flavours of Asia with exclusive use of local produce and ingredients. More info on Secret Retreats

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Organic food at Slow Villas

Read this lovely article about Pachamama Café. The place to be in Gili Air for healthy eats, this hidden organic oasis is our partner for your healthy menu during your stay @ Slow Villas in Gili Air. We now offer delicious food, cooked at Slow by the team of Pachamama organic café. Order your personal private cook in your villa and combine it with your private cooking class and a romantic dinner in the garden of your villa. If you are really looking for the place to unwind and recharge for your radiant comeback. Contact us for more information on our Slow Retreats. A combination of perfect partnerships in Gili Air. Stay at Slow Villas, eat a delicious detox menu composed by Pachamama Café and follow daily yoga and meditation sessions given by our favorite yoga teacher on the island, Maité Mendez, founder of Mandala Blue Yoga. Contact us for more information, if you wish to participate to one of our slow Retreats or organise your own retreat at Slow Villas in Gili Air. Contact us for more information or partnerships. With Love The Slow Family

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